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He put a ring on it… now what?

If you are the bride that wants to do it all, Feyonced is going to be your very best friend. Providing resources, motivation, and inspiration to help you plan the wedding of your dreams, whether that puts you on the beach or in a church, if you’re working with a Beyonce budget or a Michelle Williams budget, if you are planning everything from the beginning or you just need a little inspiration for a few elements: we are here to make every feyonces’ life a little easier. You never knew wedding planning could be so simple. We have strategically layed out every detail of our website to make sure it covers all the small and large pieces of your fantastical event beginning to end while also being super easy to navigate. Because, yes, you do have as many hours in a day as Beyonce, but you may not have her posse. Enjoy!

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Average Cost of a Wedding in the U.S.

Average Cost of South Carolina Wedding


We have compiled everything that goes into the wedding planning before the wedding into one blog page!
Engagement ring


Wedding invitations, announcements, save the dates, oh my!  Pre-marital counseling, DIY calligraphy, engagement photos, the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and bachlor(ette) parties are all covered in the blog page about being engaged. Plus some really cool proposals.

Guest Activity

Be Our Guest

We want your wedding to be the talk of the town! Here you’ll find everything you need to make your wedding stand out. Seating chart templates, guest book ideas, guest activities, reception games and more!
Wedding Budget Piggybank


First: find the budget. Second: Keep the budget. Tip: DIY, DIY, DIY.
Wedding Nails


Everything the bride and her maids need to get wedding-ready! From nail art, hair and makeup inspo and artists to fitness plans and spa treatments.

wedding planner

Wedding Planners

All the questions you have about wedding planners, what they do, why they are beneficial, and if you need one at all will be answered.
Wedding Party


The bridal guide to all things wedding party. Get creative with the flower girl and ring bearer. And gifts! Maid gifts, mom gifts, men gifts, and for-the-bride/groom gifts. Being the best bride for your maids and how to pop the question. And more!


This blog page is a cumulative look at everything that goes into the wedding, during the wedding.
Wedding Gown

Wedding Wear

This page is a dousie! On one side we’ve got bridal wear which includes: the wedding dress, veil, bridal shoes, bridal jewelry, and accessories. On the other side we’ve got everyone else wear which includes: court and guest attire.
Wedding Decor


It’s overwhelming, we know. Start with a theme and colors. Move on to ceremony decoration then reception decorations. Look into party rentals and reception facilities. We’ll help you in this page.

Wedding Flowers


Where’s your wedding going to be? Columbia SC or over-seas? At the beach, in a church, outside, inside, traditional or unique? We’ll help you figure it out.
wedding cake

Eat, Drink, and Be Married

Wedding cakes, alcohol, desserts, menus, alcohol, catering, alcohol, service staff and arranging the food table(s).
Wedding Flowers


There’s more to wedding flowers than just bouquets and boutonnieres. Check this page out for Columbia SC florists, arrangement inspiration, and other ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding.

Wedding Photographer

Behind The Scenes

Don’t forget about the wedding photography and cinematography. Oh, and the ceremony music, reception music, live entertainment, non-musical entertainment and lighting.


“After the wedding” responsibilities and the actual marriage are discussed on this blog page.

Honeymoon Towel Animal


Meticulously planning the honeymoon is just as important as the wedding planning. Here you’ll find resources for honeymoon consultants and destination advice, as well as travel tips and packing outlines.
ditch the dress

Honeymoon To Honey-Do

There’s still a whole marriage to tend to after the wedding. This page goes over some “ditch the dress” and Thank You card inspo and alternatives as well as resources for marriage counseling, anniversary traditions, moving in together, and keeping the honeymoon phase last forever.

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